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Hyperion completes Quake 2 Amiga port

Leuven, Belgium - October 9, 2002

Hyperion Entertainment is pleased to announce the completion of its highly optimized Quake 2 port for the Amiga.

A bundle containing the full PC version and a separate CD with the Amiga executable, the Quake 2 installer and configuration GUI will be available shortly from your local dealer. Pricing may vary.


Hyperion has completed PPCBoot based firmware

Leuven, Belgium - September 29, 2002

Hyperion is pleased to report that it has completed the AmigaOne firmware based on the GPL'ed PPCBoot project. Below you will find a description of the implemented hardware support and functionality. We want to thank everyone who has contributed to this project.

Hardware support for the following devices:

  • Serial port
  • USB keyboard
  • USB storage devices
  • PS/2 compatible keyboard
  • i8259 interrupt controller
  • 3com 3c920 ethernet with full busmastering
  • VIA IDE controller (A and B revision)
  • Real time clock (RTC)

Features of PPCBoot (as implemented by Hyperion):

  • x86 BIOS emulator capable of initialising and using nearly all PCI and AGP graphic cards based on the chipsets of ATI, nVidia, 3DFX, S3, 3Dlabs (Permedia), Trident etc.
  • Auto detection of SDRAM modules
  • Auto detection of bus and CPU speed
  • Support for PCI and AGP
  • General ArtiticaS support
  • General VIA686 southbridge support (686A and 686B)
  • IDE support (harddisk and CD-ROM booting)
  • Floppy support
  • Booting over network

For additional information on PPCBoot, please visit: ppcboot.sourceforge.net

About Hyperion Entertainment VOF

Hyperion Entertainment is a privately held Belgian-German company, founded in March of 1999. The company specialises in 3D graphics and the conversion of top-quality entertainment software from Windows to niche-platforms including Amiga, Linux (x86,PPC) and MacOS (OS 9/X).

Hyperion Entertainment has undertaken contract-work in the field of 3D graphics for companies such as Monolith (www.lith.com) and has developed a mature, fast, small foot-print technology to bring 3D graphics to low power digital devices such as PDAs and STBs.

Hyperion is currently working on AmigaOS 4.0, a vastly enhanced PPC native incarnation of the groundbreaking OS introduced by Commodore in 1985.


About Hyperion Entertainment

Hyperion Entertainment is a privately held Belgian-German company, founded on 25 February, 1999.

Since then Hyperion has been engaged in software development for platforms as diverse as Linux, MacOS 9/X and AmigaOS bringing top-notch entertainment software to these alternative operating systems.

Other projects the company was involved in over the years include writing a software rendering engine for Monolith (developers of Shogo and N.O.L.F.), adapting the U-Boot firmware for use on the AmigaOne desktop system, assisting Smiths Aerospace (now a division of GE Aviation) with expertise in low-level 3D graphics programming and providing IT consultancy services to Belgium’s leading mobile phone operator.

Since November of 2001 Hyperion has been actively developing AmigaOS 4.x, an almost complete rewrite for modern times of the legendary Amiga operating system which launched the multi-media computing revolution in 1987. Originally developed by Commodore for its line of Amiga computers, AmigaOS 4.x now runs on several PowerPC based hardware platforms including original Amiga’s with PowerPC accelerator cards and the stand-alone AmigaOne, SAM and Pegasos II platforms.

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O.N. 0466 380 552
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Technical support:

If you are in need for support or help with one of our products and didn't find a solution in our customer support forum http://forum.hyperion-entertainment.com/, please don't hesitate to get directly in touch with us by writing a mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Please allow us an average response time of 36 hours.

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