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Shogo: Mobile Armor Division

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Shogo: Mobile Armor Division

"Shogo: Mobile Armor Division" is a first-person shooter with a difference. It draws its inspiration from such anime classics (Japanese animation) as "Macross" (aka "Robotech") and "Gundam", not only because it allows you to do battle in a 10 meters tall robot but also because the game actually has a credible plot that unfolds as you progress in the game.

In Shogo you play Sanjuro, a hotshot commander caught in the middle of a war against a terrorist organisation that cost him his family and his girl-friend. As the plot develops, you will find out that not everything is as you thought it was. But make no mistake: Shogo is all about furious 3D action.

Some sections of the game have to be traversed on foot whilst other sections can only be completed with the aid of a Mobile Combat Armor unit, a 10 meters tall metal suit that packs some really amazing fire-power such as a laser-cannon and a multi-warhead launcher. In true anime fashion, the MCA's are extremely maneuverable and it's great fun to squash a foot-soldier now and then, but just remember to make a run for it when you're the one on foot...

Shogo uses Monolith's LithTechTM 3D engine which is every bit as advanced (if not more so) as the Quake IITM engine from ID. You will immediately notice the difference: the explosions, the gore and the particle and lighting effects are like nothing else out there. The LithTech engine will let you enjoy convincing indoor and outdoor scenery as you do battle in your MCA with enemy tanks or traverse an abandoned city on foot.

A lot of attention was given to the weapons: a satisfying high-tech mix of energy and ballistic weapons ranging from pistols and machine guns when you are on foot, to laser cannons and multi-warhead launchers when you are aboard the MCA.

Shogo's soundtrack is subtle and effective and adapts to the onscreen action and many of the soundeffects are pulled straight from anime series and are very convincing. Moreover, Shogo features a lot of high-quality speech throughout the game driving the plot and bringing the characters to life.

Whilst Shogo is perfectly enjoyable as a single-player game, those of you interested in multi-player action are catered for too with full support for network play.