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Shogo: Mobile Armor Division

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Shogo: Mobile Armor Division


Technical Requirements (subject to change)


  • OS 3.0 or higher
  • PPC processor (supported through WarpOS)
  • Graphics card (3D acceleration required for Blizzard PPC)
  • 3D acceleration supported through Warp3D
  • Virtual 3D Sound supported through AHI
  • 6x CD-ROM recommended
  • 64 MB


Game Features


  • Uses LithTechTM 3D engine by Monolith
  • Choose to pilot one of four transformable Mobile Combat Armor units (MCAs)
  • Two modes of play - on foot and in MCA
  • True 3D environments with realistic lighting, indoor levels, vast outdoor terrains and awesome effects
  • Over 30 challenging enemies that use the environment to their advantage, activate alarms or spring traps
  • Dynamic storyline and goal-based mission structure evolves based on your actions
  • Separate MCA and on-foot arsenals for a total of 18 pumped-up weapons
  • Multiplayer action includes built in Internet, LAN and modem support


LithTechTM Features: 3D Modelling


  • Supports motion captured animation
  • Level of detail for models
  • Detail tagging for world architecture
  • Custom textures for models model
  • Levels of detail for models - each model can have hundreds of levels of detail at no extra memory cost, so models can be scaled back for slower systems
  • All models are hierarchical, keyframes are interpolated
  • Support of both rigid and deformation key-framed animation allowing both jointed and more organic styles of animation


LithTechTM Features: Lighting and Special Effects


  • Sprites
  • Colored lighting
  • Dynamic lighting light mapping
  • Translucency/transparency for water/glass effects
  • Real-time shadows
  • Landscapes
  • Sky portals which allow for animated skies
  • Various dynamic lighting options like solid light, smooth lights and dark lights
  • Colored fog
  • Large scale particle system support
  • "PolyGrids" (displacement maps for things like water surfaces)