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Shogo: Mobile Armor Division

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Shogo: Mobile Armor Division


Here's what some magazines had to say about Shogo:

Amiga Version

Amigactive Review

"A thoroughly addictive, good looking action game with plenty of depth and humour."

Score: 4.5/5 GOLD MEDAL (Issue 22, July 2001)

PC Version

GameSpot Review

"Shogo never feels pointless and, with its careful attention to narrative as well as action, is clearly of the new breed of shooters."

Score: 81% (www.gamespot.com/action/shogomad)

PC Gamer

"Monolith have created a singular, imaginative and fabulously entertaining experience... A big, brash bucket load of fun. With added robots."

Score : 91% (PC Gamer game of the month, Christmas 1998)

PC Zone

"With strong identifiable characters, stylish animations and an ever evolving plot, it's a game that draws you in from the beginning to end."

Score: 92% (PC Zone classic)