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Technical Requirements

  • Kernel 2.2.x or higher, gllbc-2.1
  • PII 233+ (x86) or 266 Mhz 603e/604e/G3/G4 (PPC)
  • 500 MB Harddisk space
  • 64 MB RAM
  • 4x CD ROM
  • Graphicscard with XFree86 Support
  • OSS/ALSA compatible soundcard

Game Features

Sin is a fully-integrated first-person 3-D action game utilizing Id Software's revolutionary Quake® II 3-D engine with enhancements such as:

  • Features Quake IITM 3D engine by Id Software using OpenGL
  • Support for Playstation controllers (PSXPort)
  • Multiplayer Support
  • 16-bit Color graphics in both hardware and software - The increased color depth allows for amazingly diverse textured environments. With the increase of vivid color textures, the visually gripping action truly comes alive.
  • Colored lighting in both hardware and software
  • Masked textures, such as grates, catwalks, and chain-link fences
  • Translucent textures, such as windows and water surfaces
  • Advanced alpha blending methods for killer explosions and outstanding special effects
  • Script based animation system - Allows each level to have completely unique scripted sequences. This adds a level of realism and interactivity never before seen.
  • Full 360o environment mapped skies.

Reactive AI

Battle against an AI that thinks of more than just kill, kill, kill. Sin’s AI will react to the surrounding situation. If they take too much damage, they’ll duck out and go find a way to heal themselves. Make too much noise while exploring and the nasty hordes will descend upon you. Choose stealth and you might even make it through the area without firing a shot.

Immersive Music

Music truly sets the mood for any game and Sin will attempt to change what you’ve seen before with its new music system. This new system will change pace with you as you play the game. If the action is intense the music will begin to boil right along with you, if you’re sneaking around looking for the perfect sniper spot the music will creep along with you. With as many as eight unique moods, the music will keep pace with you along with creating a more rich and interesting environment as you explore the world that is Sin.

Innovative Weapons

Players wield a deadly arsenal of weaponry. You are outfitted with a standard array of weapons that all soldiers carry along with some more unique weapons. This arsenal includes sniper rifles with long range capability and laser sighting, remote control detonation devices, and many more. There are also new extreme weapons so powerful and untested that the results may literally rip you apart.