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Quake II

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Quake II

Technical Requirements

  • A PowerPC or 68060 based Amiga, G3 or G4 recommended
  • At least 64 MB of memory (128 MB or more recommended)
  • AmigaOS 3.x, WarpOS (AmigaOS 4.0 recommended)
  • Picasso96 compatible graphics card (for 68060: Warp3D-compatible graphics card), 3D Acceleration supported through Warp3D/MiniGL Technology
  • Paula sound output (AHI-compatible soundcards supported and recommended)
  • Quadspeed CD-ROM drive
  • Approx. 500 MB of free memory for full install
  • BSD-socket compatible TCP/IP stack for network play

Game Features

  • OpenGL-Accelerated graphics engine.
  • Playstation controller support through PSXport (AmigaInput support for AmigaOS 4.0 planned)
  • Expandable through mission packs and custom content.
  • Support for addons ("Mods")