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Heretic II 2024 AmigaOS 4 update

Brussels – June 28, 2024

A free update for Heretic II 2024 for AmigaOS 4 is available for immediate download for all users that have bought their license from Alinea Computer or any other distributors.

Steffen Häuser is responsible for the port and this update contains small improvements on CD Audio and bug fixes.
This update offers:

  • Two versions of quake2.so, one of them plays Ogg Vorbis Music files instead of CD Audio, the other one CD Audio as up to now (copy the one you want to use as quake2.so into your Heretic II directory).
  • Interface to manipulate what Audio is used is "cd ?" as up to now, regardless if you use the CD Audio version or the Ogg Vorbis version.
  • In the CD Audio version the bug that it always would shuffle, regardless of cd_shuffle console variable, has been fixed
  • cd_shuffle console variable now exists, and is preset to 0
  • For software renderer the bilinear filtering before was only accessible by using the console. It is now available in the ingame settings.
  • The fixes on multiplayer skin from Update 1 are also included in this update
  • The update also includes Ogg Vorbis versions of the CD Audio tracks, just copy base/music to your HereticII/ directory.
  • Removes "Palleted" chooser of Video GL (it never did anything anyways, neither MiniGL nor GL4ES support palettes).
  • Corrects calculation of CD Track length for CD Audio version.The update can be found in the download section of Hyperion’s website.

The update can be found in the download section of Hyperion’s website.

Note: there has been an update 1 shared within small group, but it was not officially released. Update 2 includes the all the changes of update 1.