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First AmigaOS 4.0 Pre-Release update available

Leuven, Belgium - October 10th, 2004

It is with considerable satisfaction that Hyperion Entertainment can now announce the immediate availability for download of the first Amiga OS 4.0 Developer Pre-release update for registered Amiga OS 4.0 users.

Due to the extent and scope of the improvements incorporated into the update, it comes in the form of a full ISO image (33 MB) which needs to be burned on CD-R(W) by the user and is intended to replace the original Amiga OS 4.0 Developer Pre-release CD for installation and rescue purposes.

Please note that the file as well as the resulting CD is for personal use only and may not be distributed in any form to third parties.

Registered users may also opt to order a new full CD which also contains the updated SDK and contribution section (details and terms to be announced shortly).

Among the new features are:

  • Kernel-Level Altivec support.
  • Much improved compatibilty/speed of 68k emulation (JIT not included yet)
  • Improved 68k FPU emulation
  • Fully PowerPC-native Picasso96/graphics system
  • Fully PowerPC-native MUI
  • USB support for input devices
  • Support for onboard serial and parallel hardware
  • Driver support for the SiI0680 IDE adaptor (including UDMA support)
  • Improved PIO mode VIA driver
  • Improved Internet capabilities and better Ethernet support.
  • Printing support
  • Improved audio hardware support, including new drivers.
  • Comprehensive bug fixes, speed improvements, added features and functionality across all system components.
  • and much more...