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File information for Warp3D-4.2a.lha
File size: 1259136 Bytes
File date: 2009-03-10

**Warp3D** *The 3D lowlevel software*

Copyright © 1998 - 2001
by Hans-Joerg Frieden
Thomas Frieden
Sam Jordan

We are proud to present the third release of Warp3D. This file is only a brief overview of Warp3D. Please refer to the file Docs/Warp3D_User.guide for more detailed information. For more information on 3D hardware, refer to docs/HWaccel.guide.


Warp3D is a lowlevel software, this means, that it doesn't provide high- level functions, as other 3D-API's do (like OpenGL). The advantage of this concept is the low overhead, or in other words, the high speed, which can be achieved when directly programming the Warp3D API.